Our Bishops

His Grace the Most Rev Dr Philipose Mar Chrysostom Valiya Metropolitan

  • Born on : April 27, 1918
  • Ordained as Deacon : January 1, 1944
  • Ordained as Kasseessa : June 3, 1944
  • Ordained as Ramban : May 20, 1953
  • Consecrated as Episcopa : May 23, 1953
  • Designated as Suffragan Metropolitan : May, 1978
  • Designated as Officiating Metropolitan : March 15, 1999
  • Installed as Metropolitan : October 23, 1999
  • Designated as Valia Metropolitan : October 2, 2007

Having inherited the missionary zeal from his father, Vicar General Very Rev K E Oommen, he graduated from U C College Alwaye and took up the work in the Ashram at Ankola along with Rev. P J Thomas. He received theological education at UTC Bangalore and St. Augustine’s College, Canterbury. He became an ordained minister of the Church in 1944 and was consecrated as Bishop with Alexander Mar Theophilus and Thomas Mar Athanasius in 1953.

He was in charge of different Dioceses in Kerala and also was Missionary Bishop for many years. He was President of the National Christian Council of India and has attended the Assembly of World Council of Churches at Evanston in 1954, and at Upsala in 1968. He has been President of the different Organizations of the Church and the Governing Councils of different Colleges. He has attended the second Vatican Council and has thus made very valuable contributions to the ecumenical cause. He has deep concern for the upliftment of the backward communities. Through a registered organization named STARD (South Travancore Agency for Rural Development) he has helped economically backward communities of South Travancore to improve their lot and help them achieve self-reliance. 

The administrative acumen of His Grace is far beyond what words can express. He is a spiritual leader, dynamic enabler, prolific orator, voracious reader, pungent writer, tactful negotiator, valiant defender of the law, compassionate at heart and a wonderful team man. He respects diversity of opinion, but would not easily budge or compromise ethical principles. He retains his lovable-ness, humility and simplicity. He is a person with a golden tongue, acceptable to all people irrespective of cast, colour or religious commitments.​


His Grace the Most Rev Dr Joseph Mar Thoma Metropolitan

  • Parents : Maramon Palakkunnathu Kadone Lukose and Puthoor Mariamma
  • Date of Birth : June 27, 1931
  • Ordained as Deacon : June 29, 1957
  • Ordained as Kasseessa : October 18, 1957
  • Ordained as Ramban : January 11, 1975
  • Consecrated as Episcopa : February 8, 1975
  • Designated as Suffragan Metropolitan : March 15, 1999
  • Installed as Metropolitan : October 2, 2007

​Joseph Mar Thoma Metropolitan belongs to the Palakkunnathu family in Maramon from which have come Abraham Malpan, the reformer and the first four Bishops of the Church after the reformation. He had his theological training at the United Theological College, Bangalore and Protestant Episcopal Seminary in Virginia, USA. He also studied in theological institutions in Canterbury, Oxford and was awarded the honorary degree of Doctor of Divinity by Virgnia Seminary where he studied. He was the President of the National Council of Churches in India and Member of Executive Committees of different development agencies like CASA and ECLOF. He is one of the Senior Presidents of CCA and the Chairman of CASA. Presently, He is in charge of the Niranam - Maramon Diocese.


Rt. Rev. Dr. Zacharias Mar Theophilus Suffragan Metropolitan

  • Parents : Niranam Mattackal Venparambil V K Oommen and Mariamma Oommen
  • Date of Birth : 1938, August 29
  • Ordained as Deacon : 1966, May 7
  • Ordained as Kasseessa : 1966, July 9
  • Ordained as Ramban : 1980, April 26
  • Consecrated as Episcopa : 1980, May 1
  • Designated as Suffragan Metropolitan : 2004, July 3

​After his schooling at Niranam, he graduated from the Union Christian College, Alwaye and completed his B. Ed training from Titus II College, Tiruvalla. He started his career as a teacher at the Ashram High School, Perumbavoor. Following this he went for Theological training at the Leonard Theological College, Jabalpur in 1966. He again returned to Perumbavoor, Ashram English High School and also pasturing the parishes in Perumbavoor, Vengoor, Krariali, Kothamanglam, Koratti, Mamala, Methala etc. He then completed his Masters at the Princeton Theological Seminary in 1974 and his Doctoral studies at the Boston University, USA in 1976. During his education at Princeton and Boston he was also the Vicar of the Congregations in Boston, New York, Philadelphia, and Washington D.C.

His contribution in the educational field is noteworthy while he ministered at Ashram English High School, Alwaye Settlement High School, St. Thomas High School - Mysore and St. Thomas Residential School - Trivandrum. He was also Vicar of the parishes in Mysore, Kozencherry, Bombay - Santa Cruz etc.

He was consecrated as a Bishop on the 1st of May, 1980 and served in the following Dioceses: Adoor - Mavelikara Diocese, Kottayam – Ranni Diocese, Madras - Kunnamkulam Diocese, South Zone of Bombay - Delhi Diocese, Malaysia - Singapore - Australia Diocese, Kottayam – Kochi Diocese, North America - Europe Diocese, Madras – Calcutta, Chennai – Bangalore Diocese and currently at the Chengannur – Mavelikara Diocese since 2005. His contribution to the strengthening of the Mission work in all the dioceses and also responding to the spiritual and social needs of each region is explicit in the various Projects and Missions started in different Dioceses. Some of the important projects such as Asha Bhavan – Pathanapuram, Mochana De-addiction Centre – Kottayam, Thrikkunapuzha Mission, Haripad Centre, Pathanamthitta - Working Women’s Hostel, Santhigiri Ashram – Alwaye, Sinai Centre – New York, Karuthal – Cancer Care and Counselling Centre, Higher Education Loan Project, Navadharshan De-addiction Centre – Kidangannur, Mar Thoma Mission School and Mission Hostel Narasapuram, Ministry for Widow, Widowers and Aged, Sadhu Sadanam – Venmony, Bodhana Project, Bodhadhara Project, VISA-Vivaha Sahayam Project, Dalit Development Project. His leadership in the success of the Metropolitan’s Navathy Project by collecting more than Rs. 16 Crores and providing more than 2050 houses for the homeless in India has been one of the most unique contributions in the history of the Christian Community in India.

His Grace has served as the President of the Mar Thoma Yuvajana Sakhyam, Mar Thoma Sunday School Samajam, Mar Thoma Voluntary Evangelistic Association, Mar Thoma Suvishesha Sevika Sanghom, Mar Thoma Dayara and Sanyasini Samooham, Vaideeka Selection Committee, Backward People’s Development Committee. At present, He is the President of the Mar Thoma Evangelistic Association, Theological Commission of the Mar Thoma Church, Planning Commission etc.

The Ecumenical Contribution of His Grace in the National and International Christian circles is noteworthy. His Grace has served as the President of the National Missionary Society of India, Bible Society of India, Kerala, Auxiliary, World Mission of India, Ecumenical Christian Center (ECC), Bangalore and Theological Literature Society, Kerala. He has also served as the Secretary of the Nilackal Ecumenical Trust of all Episcopal churches in Kerala, Executive Committee Member of the Christian Conference of Asia (CCA) and Executive and Central Committee Member of the World Council of Churches (WCC). He is also the member of the Ecumenical Meeting of Bishops, Friends of the Focolare Movement and member of the Ecumenical Solidarity Visit to Sudan.


Rt. Rev. Geevarghese Mar Athanasius Episcopa

  • Parents : Nedumpram Chirayilkandathil C I Idiculla and Achiyamma
  • Date of Birth : 1944, April 26
  • Ordained as Deacon : 1969, May 3
  • Ordained as Kasseessa : 1969, June 14
  • Ordained as Ramban : 1989, November 4
  • Consecrated as Episcopa : 1989, December 9

​After graduation from Mar Thoma College, Tiruvalla, he went for Theological training at the Leonard Theological College, Jabalpur. He was ordained as ‘Kasseesa’ in 1969 and subsequently served as Vicar of many Parishes including Mumbai, Kottayam and Madras. From 1975 to '76 he was at Toronto, Canada for higher theological training. On December 9, 1989 he was consecrated as Bishop. At present, He is in charge of Ranni Nilackel Diocese. Mar Athanasius served as Vice President of the Governing Board of Leonard Theological College and as President of the National Missionary Society. He was instrumental in the completion of the Diocesan headquarters at Delhi.

Rt. Rev. Geevarghese Mar Athanasius Ranni - Nilackel Diocese T.M.A.M. Mar Thoma Centre Mandiram P.O., Ranny - 689 672. Pathanamthitta Dist. Kerala, India.
Ph: +91 4735 227487 , 227511 (O), 227760 (P) Fax:  +91 4735 227511 Email:marathanasius@rediffmail.com marathanasius@marthoma.in ranninilackal@marthoma.in

Rt. Rev. Dr. Geevarghese Mar Theodosius Episcopa

  • Parents : Ashtamudi Kizhakkechakkalayil Dr K J Chacko and Mary Chacko
  • Date of Birth : 1949, February 19
  • Ordained as Deacon : 1972, June 24
  • Ordained as Kasseessa : 1973, February 24
  • Ordained as Ramban : 1989, November 4
  • Consecrated as Episcopa : 1989, December 9
Mar Theodosius studied at Baselious College, Kottayam and Mar Thoma College, Thiruvalla. After taking a degree in Science he joined Leonard Theological College and took BD Degree in 1972. His ordination as ‘Kasseesa' was in the year 1973. In 1980, he took a Master's Degree in Comparative Religions from Visva Bharathi University and Doctorate from Mc Master University, Hamilton, Canada in 1986. He was consecrated as Episcopa on December 9, 1989 along with Mar Athanasius and Mar Coorilos. From 1973 onwards, he was in charge of several parishes including Mumbai, Calcutta, Toronto and Nanthancode and he served as Director of Thomas Mar Athanasius Orientation Centre, Manganam. On consecration as Episcopa he was given charge of Kunnamkulam - Madras Diocese. He was the Episcopa of the Chennai - Bangalore and Malaysia - Singapore - Australia Dioceses. He is presently the Episcopa of the North America - Europe Diocese.

Rt. Rev. Dr. Geevarghese Mar Theodosius North America - Europe Diocese Sinai Mar Thoma Centre, 2320 S.Merrick Avenue, Merrick, NY - 11566, U.S.A.
Ph: 516-377-3311 Fax: 516-377-3322 Email: mtcmartheo@yahoo.com.phmarthomadiocese@gmail.com martheodosius@marthoma.in


Rt. Rev. Dr. Euyakim Mar Coorilos Episcopa

  • Parents : Kunnamkulam Cheeranveettil Itty Many Ittyachenkunju and Sarammao
  • Date of Birth : 1951, November 25
  • Ordained as Deacon : 1978, April 29
  • Ordained as Kasseessa : 1978, May 16
  • Ordained as Ramban : 1989, November 4
  • Consecrated as Episcopa : 1989, December 9

After completing his degree and Post Graduate studies from Sacred Heart College, Thevara, Cochin and Christ College, Irinjalakuda, he joined Mar Thoma Seminary, Kottayam for Theological education. In 1978, he became the Kassesa and subsequently served as Parish priest at Jalahalli, Palarivattom, Colaba and Staten Island, and other Parishes. On December 9, 1989, he was consecrated as Episcopa and was in charge of the North America-Europe Diocese and Kottayam - Kochi Diocese.

Rt. Rev. Dr. Euyakim Mar Coorilos

Rt Rev Joseph Mar Barnabas Episcopa

  • Parents : Kottayam Ancherry Elakkattukaduppil E V Jacob and Saramma
  • Date of Birth : 1949, September 8
  • Ordained as Deacon : 1973, May 29
  • Ordained as Kasseessa : 1973, June 12
  • Ordained as Ramban : 1993, August 31
  • Consecrated as Episcopa : 1993, October 2

He took his degree from CMS College, Kottayam and later on studied at Bishop’s College, Kolkatta. Ordained in 1976, he has served in different Parishes in Anakulam, Mumbai, Chempur, Thurithicad and North Madras. He was in charge of Edmonton Parish in Canada and was consecrated as Bishop on October 2, 1993 along with Mar Timotheos and Mar Philoxenos. He was in charge of the Bombay & Delhi Dioceses. Presently, He is in charge of the Adoor and Malaysia - Singapore - Australia Dioceses.

Rt. Rev. Joseph Mar Barnabas Adoor & Malaysia-Singapore-Australia Dioceses Hermon Aramana Adoor - 691 523 Pathanamthitta Dist. Kerala, India.
Ph: +91 4734 228240 (O), 229130 (P) Fax: +91 4734 228352 Email: hermon@marthoma.inmarbarnabas@marthoma.in

Rt. Rev. Thomas Mar Timotheos Episcopa

  • Parents : Mulakuzha Kaleekkal Thekkethil Love Dale Rev K N George and Rachel George
  • Date of Birth : 1950, December 13
  • Ordained as Deacon : 1983, May 28
  • Ordained as Kasseessa : 1983, June 10
  • Ordained as Ramban : 1993, August 31
  • Consecrated as Episcopa : 1993, October 2

Having done his college education and later Post Graduation in Gujarat, he joined Union Theological College, Bangalore for his theological studies. He worked as a lecturer for a short period in Gujarat and was ordained in 1983 and served as a Parish priest in various places - Surat, Barooch, Vapi and Gudalur. He was consecrated as Bishop on October 2 1993. He was in charge of the Kunnamkulam - Malabar Diocese. At present, He is the Diocese Bishop of Thiruvananthapuram - Kollam Diocese,also the President of  the Mar Thoma Evangelistic Association

Rt. Rev. Thomas Mar Timotheos Thiruvananthapuram - Kollam Diocese Mar Thoma Kendram, Mannanthala P.O., Trivandrum - 695 015, Kerala, India.
Ph: +91 471 2530540 (P), 2533636 (R) Mob: +91 9447066957 Fax: +91 471 2531535 (O)Email: martimotheos@marthoma.in tvmklm@marthoma.in martimotheos@gmail.commarthoma@marthomatvmqlndiocese.com 

Rt. Rev.Dr.Isaac Mar Philoxenos Episcopa

  • Parents : Mavelikkara Cherukole Attupurathu A M Issac and Mariamma
  • Date of Birth : 1951, December 5
  • Ordained as Deacon : 1976, May 29
  • Ordained as Kasseessa : 1976, June 9
  • Ordained as Ramban : 1993, August 31
  • Consecrated as Episcopa : 1993, October 2

Born at Attupurathu House, Mavelikkara, Kerala, had college education at Bishop Moore College, Mavelikkara and Banaras Hindu University and studied theology at Bishops College, Kolkota and Princeton Theological Seminary. Secured Ph.D. from Banaras Hindu University on the topic “Doctrine of grace in Vaishnavism and Christianity”. This helped in initiating inter – religious dialogue in the Indian context with people of other faiths. While being a lecturer at Mar Thoma theological Seminary was elected to be the bishop of Mar Thoma Syrian Church and consecrated in 1993. Now in charge of the Chennai - Bangalore Diocese of the Mar Thoma Church.


Rt. Rev. Dr. Abraham Mar Paulos Episcopa

  • Parents : Manganam Kanjirathara Mr K C Uthup and Mrs Sosamma
  • Date of Birth : 1953, August 16
  • Ordained as Deacon : 1980, May 31
  • Ordained as Kasseessa : 1980, June 28
  • Ordained as Ramban : 2005, February 11
  • Consecrated as Episcopa : 2005, May 14

Dr. Abraham Mar Paulos hails from Kanjirathara family, Kottayam. St. Peters Mar Thoma Church, Manganam is his Home Parish. His basic education was at Government L P School, Muttambalam, M T Seminary High School, Kottayam, CMS College, Kottayam and Basileos College, Kottayam. He had his Theological training from Mar Thoma Theological Seminary, Kottayam and Princeton University. He took Doctorate in Christian Education from Boston University. He had been ordained as Deacon on 31/05/1980 by Dr. Joseph Mar Irenaeus Suffragan Metropolitan at Manganam St. Peters Mar Thoma Church. His Ordination as Kassessa was on 28/06/1980 at St. Thomas Mar Thoma Church, Tiruvalla, by Dr. Alexander Mar Thoma Valia Metropolitan. The Sabha Prathinidhi Mandalam held on 11/01/2005 elected him as the Episcopa of the Church. He was ordained as Ramban on 11/02/2005 at Jerusalem Mar Thoma Church, Kottayam by Geevarghese Mar Athanasius Episcopa. On 14th May, 2005 he was consecrated as Episcopa of the Church at S C Seminary Tiruvalla by Dr. Philipose Mar Chrysostom Mar Thoma Metropolitan.
He served in different Parishes such as Naranamoozhy, Kattikkalaruvi, Thonikadavu, Ranni Pazhavangadikara, Trivandrum Paruthippara, Karthamangal, Bangalore, Kaithakuzhy and Boston. He has also served as the Chaplain of St. Thomas Schools, Trivandrum and as Diocesan Secretary of Trivandrum - Quilon Diocese. His tenure as General Secretary of the Sunday School Samajam was the exemplification of his Leadership qualities, organizing capabilities etc. The centenary celebration of the Sunday School Samajam including the Children’s Maramon under His leadership was a remarkable one. Consecrated as Episcopa on the Silver Jubilee year of priesthood, His Lordship is a great orator, good scholar, theologian and above all, He is a great friend of children and youth. He was in charge of Thiruvananthapuram - Kollam Diocese and is presently in charge of the Mumbai and Delhi Dioceses.

Rt. Rev. Dr. Abraham Mar Paulos Delhi & Mumbai Dioceses
Delhi Mar Thoma Centre, 26, Bhai Vir Singh Marg, Gole Market, New Delhi -110 001, India.
Ph: +91 11 23342828 (O), 23369151 (P) Fax: +91 11 23348800 Email:mtcdelhidiocese@rediffmail.com (O) marpaulos@marthoma.in delhidio@marthoma.in 

Mumbai Mar Thoma Centre, Plot No.18, Sector 10-A, Vashi, Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra - 400703, India.
Ph: +91 22 27657141 (P), 27669484 Fax: +91 22 27669486 Email:abrahammarpaulos@gmail.com marpaulos@marthoma.in mumbaidio@marthoma.in

Rt. Rev. Dr. Mathews Mar Makarios Episcopa

  • Parents : Late Mr.K. E. Mathew and Late Mrs. Kunjamma Mathai
    Thumpamon North Kalayil Kannam Poikayil
  • Date of Birth : 1953, February 25
  • Ordained as Deacon : 1978, April 22
  • Ordained as Kasseessa : 1978, May 22
  • Ordained as Ramban : 2011, May 07
  • Consecrated as Episcopa : 2011, August 13

Bishop Mar Makarios (Rev. Dr. Varghese Mathai) was born on February 25, 1953. He is the son of Mr. K.E. Mathew and Kunjamma of Kalayil Kannanpoikayil. Thirumeni’s mother parish is Thumpamon Immanuel Mar Thoma Church in Pathanamthitta District.
Thirumeni completed his bachelor’s degree in Theology from Kottayam Vaideeka Seminary (1975–1978). Makarios Thirumeni was ordained as a Deacon on April 21, 1978 at Kozhencherry St. Thomas Mar Thoma Church by Joseph Mar Ireaneus Episcopa and as a priest on May 22, 1978 at Thiruvalla St. Thomas Church by Alexander Mar Thoma Metropolitan.
He was ordained as a Ramban on May 7, 2011 and consecrated as an Episcopa on August 13, 2011. Thirumeni obtained his M.Th. from FFRRC, Kottayam (1983–1985) and his Ph.D. from SATHRI, Bangalore (1991–1994), based on the subject “The Revelation of Christ in John’s Gospel of the New Testament.” Thirumeni served as a priest in parishes at Ranny Valiyakavu MTC, Karimpanamkuzhy MTC, Kumali MTC, Anakkara MTC, Vandenmedu MTC, Calcutta MTC, Nattaseri MTC, Sydney, Australia, New Zealand parishes, and Othara Ebenezer MTC. He also served as the student chaplain in the Kottayam-Ranni Diocese and as Bahya Kerala Eastern Zonal Secretary.
Thirumeni taught New Testament for 18 years at various institutions including Leonard Theological College, Jabalpur, Mar Thoma Theological Seminary, Kottayam, and FFRRC. Thirumeni also served on the Research Committee of Serampore University, Calcutta and Dean of Doctoral Studies at FFRRC. Thirumeni has written several books in Christian theology including “Paraclete: The Experience of the Holy Spirit,” “Jesus the Good Shepherd,” “എബ്രായര്‍ക്ക് എഴുതിയ ലേഖന വ്യാഖ്യാനം(Criticism on the Epistle to Hebrews),” “കൊരിന്ത്യര്‍ക്കെഴുതിയ ഒന്നാം ലേഖനം ഒരു പഠനം(1st Epistle to Corinthians),” “ശിഷ്യത്വം : വിളിയും നിയോഗവും (Discipleship: Calling and Responsibility)”.

He is presently in charge of the Kottayam – Kochi Diocese.

Rt. Rev. Dr. Mathews Mar Makarios
Bethel Aramana,
Manganam P.O,
Kottayam - 686 018


Rt. Rev. Gregorios Mar Stephanos Episcopa

  • Parents : Mr. K. P. Varkey and Late Mrs. Kunjamma
    Kochi Panayapally Parayil
  • Date of Birth : 1959, March 16
  • Ordained as Deacon : 1986, June 27
  • Ordained as Kasseessa : 1986, July 30
  • Ordained as Ramban : 2011, May 07
  • Consecrated as Episcopa : 2011, August 13

Bishop Mar Stephanos (Rev. K. V. Varkey) was born on March 16, 1959. He is the son of Mr. K.P. Varkey of Kinattukara Parayil house and Kunjamma of Chengannur Plamoottil house. Thirumeni’s mother parish is St. George MTC in Fort Kochi.
He obtained B.A. and M.A. in Philosophy from Maharajas College, Ernakulam, and M. Phil from Madras Christian College. Thirumeni was in the University football team while studying at Maharaja’s college.
He completed his bachelor’s degree in Theology from Bishop’s College, Calcutta (1982–1986), affiliated to Serampore University. He was ordained as a deacon on June 27, 1986 at St. Thomas MTC, Thiruvalla by Easow Mar Timotheos Episcopa and as a priest on July 30, 1986 at St. George MTC, Fort Cochi by Easow Mar Timotheos Episcopa.
He was ordained as a Ramban on May 7, 2011 and consecrated as an Episcopa on August 13, 2011. He served as a priest in parishes at Bilaspur, Corba, Ambikapur, Chetpet, Thambaram, St. Thomas Mount, Kolalampur, Ranchi, Mumbai Santacruz, Maramon, Venmony Sehion, and Kavum Bhagom Ebenezer. Thirumeni also served as the Principal and Manager of Ranchi St. Thomas School, Vice President of Ranchi Education Society, Missionary at Ranchi Navajeevan Kendram, manager at Maramon A.M.M. School, Vice President of Niranam-Maramon Voluntary Evangelistic Association, Vice President of Niranam-Maramon Development Board, and Secretary of Mar Thoma Medical Mission. For his administrative abilities, he has received several awards, including best principal award in 1997 from Prathibbha Uthan Parishad, Bihar, Vijayasree award in 1999 from India International Friendship Society, New Delhi, and International Millennium Gold Star Award in 2000 from International Forum for NRS’s New Delhi.

He is presently the Episcopa of the Kunnamkulam- Malabar Diocese.

Rt. Rev. Gregorios Mar Stephanos Episcopa
Mar Thoma Centre
Makkada P.O 
Kakkodi (Via)
Calicut - 673 617. 
Ph: +91 495 2265773 
Fax: +91 495 2267641


Rt. Rev. Dr. Thomas Mar Theethos Episcopa

  • Parents : Mr. P. N. George and Mrs. Aleyamma George
    Adoor Kannamcode Kottackattu Puthen Veettil
  • Date of Birth : 1959, May 10
  • Ordained as Deacon : 1985, June 01
  • Ordained as Kasseessa : 1985, June 14
  • Ordained as Ramban : 2011, May 07
  • Consecrated as Episcopa : 2011, August 13

​Bishop Mar Theethos (Rev. Dr. Oommen George) was born on May 10, 1959. He is the son of P. N. George of Kottakkad Puthenveettil, Kannankode, Adoor, and Aleyamma of Pinuvilayil Thengumthundiyl, Thevalakara. Thirumeni’s mother parish is Adoor Kannamkode MTC.
He obtained his graduation in Science from Catholicate College in Pathanamthitta. Thirumeni completed his B.D. from Kottayam Theological Seminary (1982–1985). He was ordained as a deacon on June 1, 1985 at Adoor Kannamkode MTC by Easow Mar Timotheos Episcopa, and as a priest on June 14, 1985 at Kottarakara MTC by Easow Mar Timotheos Episcopa.
He was ordained as a Ramban on May 7, 2011 and consecrated as an Episcopa on August 13, 2011. He received his Masters degree in Sociology from Indore University and M.Th. and Ph.D. from Dharmaaram Theological College, Bangalore based on the subject “Holy Communion and Spirituality”. He also had his higher education from Amsterdam University, Netherlands during his doctoral studies. Thirumeni served as priest in parishes at Chengaroth, Chempanoda, Anakulam, Gandhigram, Bhuj, Bhav Nagar, Mumbai Goregaon, Colaba, Thumkur, Kalamassery, Chengannur-Thittamel, Pularicadu, and Chirayirambu. He also served in the Diocese of North America & Europe at Long Island MTC, New York, St. James MTC, New York, and St. Andrew’s MTC, New York. Thirumeni served as the principal of Indore Higher Secondary School and as Bishop Secretary to Most Rev. Dr. Philipose Mar Chrysostom, Valiya Metropolitan.

He is presently in Charge of the Mumbai Diocese.

Mumbai Mar Thoma Centre,
Plot No.18, Sector 10-A,
Vashi, Navi Mumbai,
Maharashtra - 400703, India.
Ph: +91 22 27657141 (P), 27669484
Fax: +91 22 27669486